From Sir Bojangles to Queen Niblet: Meet the 20 Most Hilariously Unusual Pet Names

Here are 20 unusual pet names you may find interesting:

  1. Sir Bojangles
  2. Duchess Wigglebottom
  3. Colonel Meow
  4. Sir Licks-A-Lot
  5. Lady Fluffernutter
  6. Count Droolula
  7. Baroness Bubbles
  8. Doctor Snuggles
  9. Lady Furrington
  10. Lord Wigglesworth
  11. Madam Squishyface
  12. Admiral Fuzzytail
  13. Sir Snugglesalot
  14. Queen Snickerdoodle
  15. Professor Fuzzybottom
  16. Lady McFluffernutter
  17. Lord Fluffernoodle
  18. Miss Biscuithead
  19. King Snugglepuff
  20. Queen Niblet

Remember that while unusual names can be fun and unique, it's important to choose a name that your pet will respond to and that you feel comfortable calling out in public.